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Title Author Publication Type
Magnitude frequency analysis of sediment transport in the Lower Mississippi River. Biedenharn, D.S., and C.R. Thorne.
Stream Habitat Improvement Evaluation Projec. Bio West.
Large woody debris in forested streams in the Pacific Northwest: past, present, and future. Bisson, R.A., R.E. Bilby, M.D. Bryant, C.A. Dolloff, G.B. Grette, R.A. House, M.J. Murphy, K V. Koski, and J.R. Sedell.
Regime behavior of canals and rivers. Blench, T.
Coordination in mobile-bed hydraulics. Blench, T.
Biology of Fishes. Bond, C.E.
Urbanization of aquatic systems: degradation thresholds, stormwater detection and the limits of mitigation. Booth, D., and C. Jackson.
Large woody debris in the urban streams of the Pacific Northwest. Booth, D., D. Montgomery, and J. Bethel.
Relationships between size structure of invertebrate assemblages and trophy and substrate composition in streams. Bourassa, N., and A. Morin.
Relations between habitat variability and population dynamics of bass in the Huron River, Bovee, K.D., T.J. Newcomb, and T.J. Coon.
Rates, constants, and kinetics formulations in surface water quality modeling, Bowie, G. L., W.B. Mills, D.B. Porcella, C.L. Campbell, J.R. Pagenkopf, G.L. Rupp, K.M. Johnson, P.W. H. Chan, and S.A. Gherini.
The development of southwestern riparian gallery forests. In Riparian ecosystems and their management: reconciling conflicting uses, Brady, W., D.R. Patton, and J. Paxson.
Variable fish communities and the Index of Biotic Integrity in a western Great Plains river. Bramblett, R.G., and K.D. Fausch.
Buffer strips for stream temperature control. Brazier, J.R., and G.W. Brown.
Introduction to the zoogeography of North American fishes. Briggs, J.C.
An evaluation of riparian vegetation efforts in Arizona. Briggs, M.K.
Trial and error— assessing the effectiveness of riparian revegetation in Arizona. Briggs, M.K., B.A. Roundy, and W.W. Shaw.
The HGM approach explained. Brinson, M.
Riparian ecosystems: their ecology and status. Brinson, M.M., B.L. Swift, R.C. Plantico, and J.S. Barclay.
Restoring the sinuosity of artificially straightened stream channels. Brookes, A.
Channelized rivers: perspectives for environmental management. Brookes, A.
Restoration and enhancement of engineered river channels: some European experiences. Brookes, A.
Design practices for channels receiving urban runoff: examples from the river Thames catchment, UK. Brookes, A.
The importance of high flows for riverine environments. Brookes, A.
A methodology for biological monitoring of cumulative impacts on wetland, stream, and riparian components of watershed. Brooks, R.P., E.D. Bellis, C.S. Keener, M.J. Croonquist, and D.E. Arnold.

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