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Title Author Publication Type
An ecosystem perspective on riparian zones. Gregory, S.V., F.J. Swanson, W.A.McKee, and K.W. Cummins.
An Estimate of Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Spawning Habitat and Redd Capacity Upstream of a Migration Barrier in the Upper Columbia River. Timothy P. Hanrahan, et. al. Journal article
An evaluation of flood-level prediction using alluvial river models. National Research Council (NRC).
An evaluation of riparian vegetation efforts in Arizona. Briggs, M.K.
An existing source assessment of pollutants to the Anacostia watershed. A. Warner, D. Shepp, K. Corish, and J. Galli Document
An individual-based instream flow model for coexisting populations of brown and rainbow trout. Van Winkle, W., H.I. Jager, and B.D. Holcomb.
An individual-based model for smallmouth bass reproduction and young-of-year dynamics in streams. Jager, H.I., D.L. DeAngelis, M.J. Sale, W. Van Winkle, D.D. Schmoyer, M.J. Sabo, D.J. Orth, and J.A. Lukas.
An interdisciplinary approach to evaluation of potential instability in alluvial channels. Simon, A., and P.W. Downs.
An overview assessment of compensation and mitigation techniques used to assist fish habitat management in British Columbia estuaries Levings, CD Book monograph
Anadromous salmonid recovery in the Umatilla River Basin, Oregon: A case study Phillips, JL; Ory, J; Talbot, A Journal article
Analysis and Modeling of Long-Term Stream Temperatures on the Steamboat Creek Basin, Oregon: Implications for Land Use and Fish Habitat Hostetler, SW Journal article
Analytical approach to river regime. White, W.R., R. Bettess, and E. Paris.
Analyzing employment effects of stream restoration investments. United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
Animal Ecosystem Engineers in Streams Jonathan W. Moore Journal Article
Annotated bibliography on grade control structures. Neilson, F.M., T.N. Waller, and K.M. Kennedy.
Application and testing of a procedure to evaluate transferability of habitat suitability criteria. Thomas and Bovee.
Application and testing of an index of Biotic integrity in small, coolwater streams. Leonard, P.M., and D.J. Orth.
Application of channel stability methodsó case studies. Copeland, R.R.
Applications and future developments of related habitat models. Milner N.J., Wyatt R.G., Broad K. Journal
Applied Fluvial Geomorphology for River Engineering and Management Colin R. Thorne, et. al Textbook
Applied river morphology. Rosgen, D.L. Book
Applying a two-stage system to prioritize riparian restoration at the San Luis Rey River, San Diego County, California Olson, C Harris, R Journal
Approximating nature's variation: Selecting and using reference information in restoration ecology White, PS Walker, JL Journal
Aquatic habitat assessment: Common methods Bain Mark B., Stevenson Nathalie J. Book
Aquatic insect ecology Ward, J.V.

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