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Habitat degradation can exacerbate wild fish population loss to predators, exotic competitors, and diseases such as whirling disease, and it is a principal reason for the listing of wild fish as “threatened” or “endangered” under the Federal Endangered Species Act. In recent years, many techniques of fish habitat enhancement have been implemented, but their long-term efficacy is not well understood because little or no evaluation and monitoring have been conducted.

About the Wild Fish Habitat Initiative…
Established in 2002, the Wild Fish Habitat Initiative is a cooperative effort between the US Fish and Wildlife Service (Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program) and the Montana Water Center (housed on the campus of Montana State University-Bozeman). Research conducted through the Initiative is being carried out by Water Center staff and Montana State University biologists in collaboration with private landowners and private- and public-agency biologists.

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is a critical national effort to restore important fish and wildlife habitat. This voluntary program provides financial and technical assistance to private landowners wanting to restore habitat on their lands. The Initiative seeks to augment the success of the Partners Program and other fish habitat restoration programs by conducting targeted research related to native fish habitat restoration techniques, and by implementing a technology transfer program to provide technical information to landowners and project managers.

About wild fish...
Defining the term “Restoration”...
Common restoration problems - learn more about common problems that river managers face in degraded stream systems, and common restoration solutions that can be implemented to alleviate these problems. [547 kb PDF]
Wild Fish Habitat Initiative reports

Cache Creek Stream Channel Restoration Project

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